Camping on board

Try Camping on board on your camper or caravan and save on the ticket. You can use your camper or caravan during all the crossing. All on board services are at your disposal.

Camping on Board service is valid from April, 1st to October, 31st. A special adapted open garage deck, with all the facilities provided for your comfort: fresh running water, showers, WCs, electricity supply. All these, plus full access to all public areas of the ship, at the price of a vehicle and a deck ticket for each passenger!

  • For safety reasons, passengers with “Camping on Board” arrangements are not allowed to use propane or any other cooking or heating gas during the entire stay on board
  • In the area “Camping on Board”, only diesel vehicles are permitted
  • It is forbidden to use gas bottles and cooking is not allowed inside the vehicle
  • Based on safety regulations and maritime law, the captain may deny access
  • The shipping company doesn’t take over any liability for damages, which occur during the stay in the camper or trailers
  • Your pets can travel in your vehicle free
  • He travels at the price of a vehicle and a deck ticket for each passenger!
  • He has all the confort of his camper during all the crossing!
  • He can benefits up to a discount of 25% !
  • He can have more discount if he is affiliated to: ARC Automobile clubs, Club PleinAir, Trenitalia, Camper & Friends.

Camping on board Photo by Woodleywonderworks -

Camping on Board Photo by Allard Schager